Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens | Xylophone Improv | our queer life | Clara & Cole

~ jumping back in after an extended winter break ~

Clara and I can't wait to share this clip of Clara improving on a xylophone. 

We stumbled upon the instruments in the woods along a trail in the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden at Boothbay (in ME). While traipsing from trash troll to trash troll, the instrument called to Clara to carry out a tune. 

Check it out on our YouTube or embedded below:

About the Artist of the Trolls, Thomas Damb:

Towering Trolls composed of wood, sticks, refuse, and other natural materials, reside internationally at various locations, curtesy of the Danish recycle art activist Thomas Damb.

Damb inspires me with his attention to the environmental impact of humans on planet earth, particularly in regards to art and the creation of art singularly intended for enjoyment and, at times, unintentionally adding to waste and consumerism in the modern age. He raises questions I also have about the ethics of creation in this time of over abundance. Damb posits that the possibility of embracing a grandiose nature of expression via gigantic structural instillations and interactive art remains potentially sustainable, through use of refuse and natural materials. Working with, rather than against, land reclamation. His larger than life sculptures of woodland creatures decompose into the landscape they've come to call home over the course of several decades post-installation. 

While we both favored the trolls, I believe other artist have sculptures and installations at the gardens as well!

Disclaimer: I am no expert here, and hold no fine art degrees or certifications of any kind. I have a BA in history, with a focus on nature through an anthropologic perspective.