Potato Problems and Asparagus Sprouts | Sprouted Potato Plant Update | Water Wednesdays | Clara & Cole


I must admit, I did not do much research before attempting this grow. 

When it comes to plants, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. 

If they look like they might be dying, I water them. Until then, I try and leave them alone. 

I'm thinking my main mistake has been the amount of attention I pay this potato plant. It grows so quickly, I figure it needs more water than my other plants. Maybe thats what these spots are? 

If anyone has the faintest idea-- comment below! 
I tried searching my friend Google, and fell down a rabbit hole of plant medicine that neglected to address this issue. 

What vegetable should I plant next? 

We have some rainbow carrots left over from our latest Misfits Market delivery. Those might do the trick.