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 Paint Print on Canvas

The puppies destroyed another clothes pin, and I used the remains for art. 

I found Forest, our pit bull chihuahua pup, with a clothes pin in pieces. Rather than toss it all and send it to a landfill somewhere, I decided to reuse the left overs for a new art piece. 

Although I will say orange is my favorite color, I am addicted to blue and green. I can’t help but love how it fits with our coastal style. It reminds me of the ocean. 

At the outset, I really did intend to make one canvas. Classic Cole, I couldn’t handle myself and had to make a whole series of prints and art pieces highlighting the glory of the clothes pin. 

An ode to the mundane. A series of odes. Clothes pin odes.

Make Your Own

Equivalent materials all available through Dollar Tree (this is NOT a sponsored post).


  • Fan brush #2
  • 4 cotton canvas
  • Acrylic paint
  • Clothes pin
  • Hot glue gun
  • Clear hot glue sticks
  • Ball point pen
  • Metal scraper or similar tool

Canvas #1:

  1. On the stretched canvas, lightly trace the clothes pin. Generously fill outlined area with clear hot glue.
  2. Align the clothes pin with traced outline and press firmly to bond the clothes pin to the stretched canvas with the hot glue. 
  3. Use the metal scrapper or similar tool to remove excess hot glue from around the edge of the clothes pin. Set aside to dry.
  4. For a paint palate, I use the clean top of a recyclable glass bottle, but it’s personal preference.

Canvas #2, #3, #4:

  1. Mix desired colors for background of each canvas. 
  2. Use fan brush #2 to fully paint the canvas in preparation for printing. 
  3. Set aside and let dry fully and completely. 
  4. Once dry, squirt a copious amount of white paint or printing color into palate. In my case, a glass bottle top.
  5. Smush clothes pin into paint pile and squish it around to make sure the bottom of the clothes pin is covered in paint. 
  6. Press firmly onto canvas, repeating until print becomes faint. 
  7. Replace clothes pin in paint palate to cover in paint before stamping again. 
  8. Cover each canvas with neat clothes pin stamps.
  9. Set aside until dry.

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I grew up dragging my feet between renowned art museums and complaining at every turn, like any good rebellious adolescent child. As I transitioned into adulthood, the worn posters on my wall called for a tasteful upgrade. Faced with the prohibitive price of most art I quickly realized my best shot would be creating my own version. 

I understand artists deserve to make a good profit, I also don't have that kind of budget in my childcare worker salary. It’s not even salaried. It’s hourly. 

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Forest & Ocean Forest: 3 year old brindle Pit Bull and Chihuahua mix from Palo Alto, California. At 35 lbs, she makes her presence known despite her short stature.  Ocean: 8 month old American Staffordshire Terrier from Rhode Island. Also 35 lbs, she is almost double the height of her sister!