Our Latest Sea Glass Hunt!

Clara is sea glass hunting, a hand holds a periwinkle shell, and another hand holds several pieces of sea glass. a seagull walks along the sand as waves crash against the shore on a sunny day. pieces of colorful beach glass frame the photo

Cole and I are both fairly obsessed with hunting for sea glass, stones, pottery and shells at the beach. Definitely not afraid to lay all over the rock piles or dig underneath the top layer of stones for those frosted glass slivers! We've both noticed that the biggest pieces always seem to sit right on the surface, though. 

What are our favorite sea glass colors to find?

Cole: turquoise, teal, and anything blue

Clara: light pink and seafoam green 

Favorite things to find besides sea glass?

Cole: ring rocks

Clara: moon snail shells

What are your favorite or most wished-for finds at the beach?